10 Examples of Gamification

10 Gamification Examples


In today’s post we will be showing 10 examples of gamification applied in different areas. These examples are displayed in no specific order.


We have talked about Duolingo before in our free report. Duolingo is a game for people who want to learn a new language. The different steps necessary to the process are well divided in levels increasing in complexity.

Microsoft CodeHunt

Codehunt is a somewhat recent game created by Microsoft which aims to teach programming either in C# or Java. The game has, for now, 14 levels of growing difficulty that aim to create a progressive learning process in software development.

Nike +

Nike+ (plus) app creates a gamification experience around the act of running. By setting challenges and keeping track of the runner’s results and improvement, it adds a motivational boost.

Zombies Run!

Zombies Run! is yet another running app, but in this case the approach is a little bit different. It creates a setting where the story is based on an invasion of zombies. The runner has missions that he has to accomplish and at the same time have the possibility of building his own base. More important than that, your have to run from those hungry zombies.

According to the app’s website, 800,000+ runners already use it.

Google Ingress

By itself, Google Ingress may look as just a game, an ARG (Alternative Reality Game) for the matter, but Google uses this game to gather precious data with the help of the players. Using augmented reality, the game divides players in two factions in a science fiction setting. The objective is to create “control fields” by capturing portals.

For more information you can visit this link.

America’s Army

America’s Army is a game that was developed by the USA Army as a recruitment tool. The game reproduces the essential activity of a soldier in the field and is meant to be closer to the real deal as possible.

The player starts by being evaluated in a bootcamp and only after positive results he can really start playing the game. To be able to access certain maps or classes (like sniper or medic), the player has to complete special courses.


Solve puzzles for science.

Foldit is maybe the more scientific gamification experience of the all the examples. It is an online game about  folding proteins. Used in a crowdsourcing manner it helps scientists find solutions to solve “real-world” problems by targeting and eliminating diseases among other life-changing discoveries.

World Peace Game

The World Peace Game is a game created by John Hunter for his 4th grade students.

This game is a political simulation that is based on the economic, social and environmental crises and the threat of war that the world often faces.

The goal of the game is to achieve global prosperity with the least amount of military intervention. Students gain a greater understanding of the critical impact of information and find through their decisions and agreements between teams the path to create a better world.


Carrot is a task list with an attitude. At least that is how it is presented.

It is a simple form of applying gamification in a way that tries to make people meet the goals they have set for themselves.

The Speed Camera Lottery

The Speed Camera Lottery is a gamification experience that have won the VW Fun Theory Contest. In this game, those who don’t obey the the speed limit pay a fine while those who respect that same limit will be automatically enrolled in a lottery. As you probably might already have guessed by now, the prize is the total of the fines paid by the offenders.

Honorable mentions:

Frequency 1550

This gamification example was created in the Netherlands in 2005 for students at the ages of 12 to 14 (HAVO+MAVO basic curriculum).

This mobile game experience had the goal of teaching the students about History while having some fun.

World Without Oil

This was another ARG which was created so people would start talking about, planning and engineering solutions to a possible and probable near-future global oil shortage.

The game started and ended in 2007. It was nominated in the games category for a 2008 Webby Awards.Won a Special Mention in the Environment category for its contribution to humanity in the 2008 Stockholm Challenge and won the award for Activism at the South by Southwest Interactive conference in March 2008.

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