Communication and Information

In gamification we can have two settings regarding teamwork. The experience may be oriented to a specific group of people, for example a team of a company’s employees, or to a group formed by random people who want to play that experience with a common goal but without the faintest idea who the other people might be, for example what … Continue reading

Crowdsourcing – the future

Open Source The open source movement has a lot of supporters, and not only because it gives you the possibility of making your own modifications to the software, so it suits your needs, but also because the large quantity of people that generally contribute and share, help to increase the speed of that product development. But not only that. With … Continue reading

Mind Games

Have you ever heard about some controversial psychological experiences which, in some way, got out of hand? It’s not so hard to find some examples. In a quick search you can find rapidly something like this. Psychology has fought for a long time to be considered a science. Since science generally requires proof by experimentation, and not only an hypothesis, … Continue reading

Desertification – Gamifying The Desert

The game of countering desertification Some time ago we were contacted by Andreas Buechel and he shared with us some of his creative ideas. This week’s post will be about one of his ideas, a gamified experience to counter desertification. First of all let’s define what desertification is. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica : “desertification, also called desertization, the process … Continue reading

Simple to Complex – Different Players, Different Needs

One thing to consider while building a gamification experience is the learning curve associated with it. A lot of people are gamers, but inside the universe of gamers we find different levels of experience and knowledge about that said universe. On one side you have the hardcore gamers which are people who know most of everything about the game universe … Continue reading

10 Examples of Gamification

  In today’s post we will be showing 10 examples of gamification applied in different areas. These examples are displayed in no specific order. Duolingo We have talked about Duolingo before in our free report. Duolingo is a game for people who want to learn a new language. The different steps necessary to the process are well divided in levels … Continue reading

Exploits In The Gamification Experience

The way of the exploit   One thing that we have mentioned before was the creation of rules necessary to the implementation of a good gamification environment! In video-games since the game-designers control the environment, it’s easier to enforce those rules.  For example, you can limit an area in a map creating by obstacles that the player just can’t get … Continue reading