FREE Report: Gamify Your Life

We have prepared a rich and enlightening free report where we describe the process in which you can learn any skill you are interested in. And, best of all, you will have fun in the process!

This document is the starting point of a thorough and ever continuous research on several topics ranging from motivational learning to the theory of gaming. Every time we develop a cool new topic or the community suggests an awesome idea, we will update the report, optimizing its content.

While this free report supports the theory behind the True Life Game project, it also serves as knowledge base for everything regarding gamification and other interesting concepts that we (and you) think would serve as great power-ups to help everyone gamify their lives!

A free report on how we can help you Gamify Your Life

So, all things put together, our free report will offer you lots of information, such as:

  • Envisioning the concept of gamification;
  • Optimizing the share of knowledge;
  • Making a product with the community;
  • Showing your content to the world;
  • Much more!

If you’re interested in this whole idea and don’t want to miss a thing about the True Life Game, just fill out the simple form below and we’ll send you an email message. After confirming the link in this message, you’ll be subscribed to our newsletter and taken directly to the free report document! Your email address will never be shared with any 3rd parties and we will never send you spam. We promise!

Oh, just one more thing! Have we already told you it is free? (Last updated on March 30, 2014)

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