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Mario Duarte on gamification cartoon background

Mario Duarte

Hi! I have a degree in computer science, and I’m generally a self-taught individual. I’m one of those persons with a light obsession on understanding how stuff works and I often find myself reading or watching documentaries about something just because.

So it’s not that strange that I like subjects like psychology, sociology, philosofy, science, art, History, well, a lot of stuff, but mainly regarding Humanities. I’m a creation from 1983, and I still believe the world can change for the better, so like John Lennon sang, “you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”.











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Assunção Guedes

Hello! I am a 24 year-old Portuguese girl, with a bachelor degree on Marketing and Advertisement.

But let’s just say I am a young Sagittarius who loves to read and to write, imagine things, have a lot of stupid ideas and maybe a few of good ones. I like to observe my surroundings, I love cinema and music, I love to travel, and adventure is a word that sounds good to me.

More than that, I am a Fun Fan! So I guess I am in the right place… just so you know!











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Paulo Martins

Born in ’83. Got a degree in Multimedia but love to work on whatever sparks my interest.

Nature and the Universe are my two biggest inspirations. I play the drums and am a sucker for progressive rock and metal. More than 90% of my waking hours have music on the background. Cats are definitely my favorite domestic animal! They usually like me as well, so I guess I can consider myself a cat guy…

Playing video games is, alongside with watching movies and series,

one of my favourite hobbies.

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