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True Life Game has a mission – to make life more interesting based on the gamification concept. Sometimes you feel the need to do something that requires a certain amount of knowledge and dedication, which may be a bit cumbersome to achieve with the traditional methods.

However, people are naturally curious and like to be challenged and rewarded for their effort.

We want to create a special relation between learning new skills and the pleasure of doing it in a gamified environment.

To accomplish this, we need to do an extensive weekly based work research, including sharing ideas with other people and testing this concept in order to optimize its implementation.

In order to maintain and deliver a topnotch quality newsletter, we need to gather a lot of information, which requires us a considerable amount of time and resources.
Despite the fact that we are working on this concept totally out of love for the cause, any help to sustain its development is very welcome.

Every little bit helps!

With your donation, you are helping True Life Game achieve its purpose – Gamify Your Life. You may keep your donation monthly on a recurring way if you like! All your donations will be processed inside the PayPal site.

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