What is Gamification? A (very) brief description!

What is Gamification - a description MineCraft

There is a lot of talking about and around gamification, but…

What is gamification?

Until now there is not an all-round approved designation for what is gamification, so we will just explain our own view of it. Gamification is the concept of applying techniques used in games to improve the motivation and engagement of a person in a daily or/and monotonous task or in learning a new skill, easing the initial effort regarding the learning curve of that specific skill. The gamification of a task creates a challenge to whoever engages in it, awakening some primal instincts and hereinafter motivating the person in a natural level, making the task way more meaningful.

Minecraft is a very successful indie video game. According to minecraft.net/stats, at the time this post was published, 13,763,327 people have bought the game. Don’t you wonder why?

It’s a survival game. Survival, being one of the most basic instincts of the human being, is what fuels a lot of people to play it. On the other hand, there are also a lot of people who love the almost lego-like freedom to create. That is another human instinct right there; we have an unexplainable will to create.

Ok… so we tend to gather around things that connect in some way to our own instincts, but what does that have to do with life itself?

Life is like a game

Well, if we look at life in proper light, we can see that life is like a game. We spend our life trying to acquire new skills and improve those we already have; we work a lot through the process of building ourselves in a way that is meaningful to the game we are in. “The world”, we call it. Generally speaking, we crave for approval, recognition, achievements, rewards… isn’t that game like?

Why not reach the next level then? Start looking at things in a more imaginative way. Now that you have a better understanding on what is gamification, we can say… Gamify the most endure the less.

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