Why is Failure a Path to Success?

Upon Failure, Try Again

There’s a Chinese proverb that says: “If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through.”

Common sense tells us that everyone will be failing at something at some point in their lives, and the secret to success is to get up and move on. That’s the point of that proverb, and the point of today’s post – failure.

Failure is part of the equation that rules everything. By accessing the possibility of failure and by taking lessons from your failures, you will become better in what you do. If you don’t experience failure, how can you prevent it in the future?

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How to Avoid Boredom in Gamification

Avoid Boredom in Gamification

One of the main objectives in the world of gamification is to make you avoid boredom from those difficult tasks. Gamification helps in the attenuation or even elimination of this boredom. But wont we eventually get bored from gamification itself?

Let’s think about video games for a second… We need to understand that, despite how good a game is, a lot of players tend to get bored and give up on the game after some time. How much time the game stays “alive” depends on a lot of factors, but sooner or later that game will be put on the shelf. Later on, some players might pick it up again, but the game will still get some dust while sitting on that shelf. Continue reading

Gamification and Crowdsourcing

gamification & crowdsourcing

Gamification – Past the details

A lot of talking is being made around gamification nowadays. But sometimes the discussion is built around something that is not as important as it appears to be at first sight.

Points, badges, ranks, levels… these are important mechanics to consider when creating a game, but if a game isn’t able to entertain without them, forget it! It’s not a game, it’s some kind of Frankenstein made of weak and superfluous gimmicks.

When you play chess with a friend, you don’t have any of these elements, but you still play and you still have fun. Continue reading

Level and its Authority

In video games, experience is a factor that has great influence in the status of a player. A newcomer (most commonly called a noob – the famous slang term for a novice) is a player that is portrayed as inexperienced, weak and/or irrelevant.

Players with a higher level tend to react in different ways towards them. Some despise the noobs, others feel pity for them and want to help them increasing their experience levels. They are often seen as the runt of the pack.
There was obviously a time when these high-level players were also noobs, but their experience level reflects their investment on the game and respect is earned almost automatically. Continue reading

What is Gamification? A (very) brief description!

What is Gamification - a description MineCraft

There is a lot of talking about and around gamification, but…

What is gamification?

Until now there is not an all-round approved designation for what is gamification, so we will just explain our own view of it. Gamification is the concept of applying techniques used in games to improve the motivation and engagement of a person in a daily or/and monotonous task or in learning a new skill, easing the initial effort regarding the learning curve of that specific skill. Continue reading