Gamification in Education: The MMORPG of Education

The MMORPG of Education

Today’s post will be a challenge to your imagination, so keep an open mind!

The meaning of MMORPG in video games is: Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game.

If we would create a gamified education curriculum, in a way that it would be similar to an RPG (Role Playing Game) we would end up with several kinds of “games” Continue reading

Why is Failure a Path to Success?

Upon Failure, Try Again

There’s a Chinese proverb that says: “If you get up one more time than you fall, you will make it through.”

Common sense tells us that everyone will be failing at something at some point in their lives, and the secret to success is to get up and move on. That’s the point of that proverb, and the point of today’s post – failure.

Failure is part of the equation that rules everything. By accessing the possibility of failure and by taking lessons from your failures, you will become better in what you do. If you don’t experience failure, how can you prevent it in the future?

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Attention Span and its Influence in Education

Attention Span Education OwlToday, education faces one of the biggest challenges ever: the decreasing of students’ attention span due to over-stimulation of their brain by external stimuli, which requires their attention in a immediate and intermittent way.

To ask for their attention through traditional learning methods, and expect them to blindly trust that it will be useful in their lives and that it will bring them medium-long term gratification, demonstrates to be a futile effort, due to the behavioral systematization raised by the mechanics of those external stimuli. Continue reading