Stuff you should do… Gamify it!

Stuff you should do - exercise and diet of healthy food

Picking up from where we left last week, where we spoke briefly about stuff you must do, we will now focus a bit on stuff you should do.

What distinguishes stuff you must do from stuff you should do? Well, for starters, despite the motivation (or lack of motivation) you feel towards something you must do, eventually you will always end up doing it. But it doesn’t work like that for something you should do. You know that if you did it, it would be beneficial to you, but…

Why not leave it for tomorrow?

Or maybe next month, as you’ll surely have more time…

Nah, better leave it for next year’s resolutions!

Stuff you should do brings extra obstacles

Stuff you should do requires you to be motivated to do it. It needs a strong will. Sometimes it needs a reason or several reasons to do it. The simple fact that you should do it is – more often than not – not enough. You need that extra push!

This means it is more prone to gamification than anything else. By gamifying stuff you should do, it will help you find the will, the reasons and the motivation to effectively do it. A lot of brands are already doing it!

It basically comes down to a habit. So, when you decide to do it, you are effectively on your way to create or break a habit. If you smoke, you should stop smoking. If you want to get in shape, you should exercise and rethink your diet. If you are in college… well, you probably should put your efforts into finish it!

Let’s talk about diet

Of all the things that make people suffer from low self-esteem, weight is but one. A lot of unethical individuals all over the world take advantage of these things by creating dubious deals on and off the Internet. Those who have never received an email or seen an advertisement on pills and procedures to lose exuberant amounts of weight in record time, please raise your hand!

But how did these shady businesses survive this long? How come there are new schemes everyday, considering they are constantly being labeled as a scam?

Easy – it’s easy money. People with weight problems know they should really do something about it. But they simply can’t find the willpower to go follow a complete and correct diet plan. So the easy way to fix it is to purchase some pills that will magically make all the fat go away. With it, all the energy and life. Most times, they magically give people a bunch of new problems too. So, stay away from these deals!

We know how hard it is to go through a diet plan. It is extremely painful for people with weight problems. Not only do they need a strong willpower, but also a lot of discipline. But it’s the right way to do it. And if you gamify it, it could be a fun game to play!

You just have to keep in mind that the results will not come overnight. The same way it takes a lot of effort and dedication to become an über player in a game, it will also take you a good amount of time to get in perfect physical shape. That is your reward, your badge, your achievement.

And we promise you will get it – just never give up!

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