Week update

And here we are again, to unravel another week, another quest, another level! Last time, we’ve talked about the spectator and his/her importance to the implementation of a successful gamification model. We’ve concluded that the spectator is important to validate the success of the quest and will also allow for a good “player” to build his/her audience. This week’s topic … Continue reading

Spectator in Gamification

This idea may surprise you, or not even a little bit. But sometimes people get into games – in this case multiplayer games – just to interact with others. These people seek the social aspect of the game, or just want to see other people playing. For now we will call this individual the spectator. Ok, but what’s the purpose … Continue reading

Structuring Gamification and Multiplayer Basics

World of Gamification by True Life Game

Structuring Gamification From what we have talked about until now, we already have some clues about what we need in order to implement the concept of gamification. We already know we need: A challenge – the task that you have to accomplish; Accomplishment – the conquering or overcoming of the task; Reward – the intrinsic or extrinsic value obtained from … Continue reading

True Life Game and beyond

What’s up, everyone? Things are rolling at a steady pace for us at True Life Game. There are a bunch of things we want to share with you guys: what’s different in the Journal; ideas for video content; the official True Life Game forum; what we see when we look out of our window. The Journal We have decided to … Continue reading

Challenge Real Life

How can we apply gamification in real life scenarios? Well, Nike already does it with Nike+ in one of their specialization environments: running. Nike wants people to move, so they have created a system where people can track their accomplishments. For example, you challenge yourself to run for 2 kilometers. And then comes the end of the week… There are … Continue reading

What is Gamification? A (very) brief description!

What is Gamificaton - a description Minecraft

There is a lot of talking about and around gamification, but… What is gamification? Until now there is not an all-round approved designation for what is gamification, so we will just explain our own view of it. Gamification is the concept of applying techniques used in games to improve the motivation and engagement of a person in a daily or/and … Continue reading

The birth of a community

It’s been a busy week! Working on some graphical aspects of the website and setting the pillars to start growing our community. We have already started the latter and we have gathered around 300 people in our facebook group. That’s the birth of a community, alright! Also, we wrote down some important ideas regarding the concept of gamification. We will … Continue reading