How to Avoid Boredom in Gamification

One of the main objectives in the world of gamification is to make you avoid boredom from those difficult tasks. Gamification helps in the attenuation or even elimination of this boredom. But wont we eventually get bored from gamification itself? Let’s think about video games for a second… We need to understand that, despite how good a game is, a lot … Continue reading

Crowdsourcing: an Approach on Human Computation

Crowdsourcing is the process of reuniting a group of people with a common interest around a specific subject related to that interest. This group of people will be a crucial part on the development of the subject, since it will be their input that helps with the definition of the subject itself. puts it like this: Crowdsourcing – “Obtain … Continue reading

Marketing Research and its Future

Marketing Research Apparel Clothing

Of the various marketing research strategies available and applied by companies, we will focus a bit on customer marketing research. customer marketing research plays an important role on a company’s relation to its customers. It helps the company to comprehend the needs and wants of its target audience, allowing them to create or adapt products based on the output of … Continue reading

Attention Span and its Influence in Education

Today, education faces one of the biggest challenges ever: the decreasing of students’ attention span due to over-stimulation of their brain by external stimuli, which requires their attention in a immediate and intermittent way. To ask for their attention through traditional learning methods, and expect them to blindly trust that it will be useful in their lives and that it … Continue reading

Stuff you should do… Gamify it!

Stuff you should do - exercise and diet of healthy food

Picking up from where we left last week, where we spoke briefly about stuff you must do, we will now focus a bit on stuff you should do. What distinguishes stuff you must do from stuff you should do? Well, for starters, despite the motivation (or lack of motivation) you feel towards something you must do, eventually you will always … Continue reading

Gamification and Crowdsourcing

Gamification & Crowdsourcing

Gamification – Past the details A lot of talking is being made around gamification nowadays. But sometimes the discussion is built around something that is not as important as it appears to be at first sight. Points, badges, ranks, levels… these are important mechanics to consider when creating a game, but if a game isn’t able to entertain without them, … Continue reading

Habits and Time Management

Habits and Time management Clock

Skills and tasks A gamification model, usable in more than one type of task, must admit the possibility of pre-validating skills necessary to accomplish a new task. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, but have already mastered bass guitar, you already possess some skills necessary to play guitar. You acquired them while you were learning to … Continue reading

Level and its Authority

In video games, experience is a factor that has great influence in the status of a player. A newcomer (most commonly called a noob – the famous slang term for a novice) is a player that is portrayed as inexperienced, weak and/or irrelevant. Players with a higher level tend to react in different ways towards them. Some despise the noobs, … Continue reading