Day Zero for True Life Game!

Hey y’all! This is our first journal entry and the official start of this joint-effort in shaping a better world for everyone.

Day Zero! And a very long one at that… finalizing all the stuff necessary to launch the first usable versions of both the website and the Special Report. But there’s still a lot more to do! We are excited to begin this adventure and we hope to build a lively and engaging community that will help us to get the job done in the best possible way.

For now we are defining the base on which everything else will be built upon. In the meanwhile, if you haven’t done so yet, go get your free Special Report. Read it, digest it… Among other things you will understand that you are an important part of this project. Your feedback is very valuable for us and for the rest of the community.

But as it stands right now you have no way to voice your ideas and opinions! So that’s one of our top priorities right now. In the meanwhile you can use the comment box below to give us some quick feedback. We are eager to hear from you!

Happy year of 2014!

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